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CPSI In-house Professional Graphics designer insure you that provide best Photoshop clipping path service for our valuable client. Clipping path service India provide 100% handmade Photoshop clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, eCommerce bulk photo editing, neck joint service and all kind of image editing service with high quality and cheap price.


CPSI have 6 years experienced and our expert graphic designer provide high volume Photo editing service on time 100% satisfaction quality and client budget guaranty. We know very well how important you image is that’s why our main intention to quality work as well as customer satisfaction. In our workplace more than 150 people are working in three shift and they are specialist to do image background removal, photo retouching, hair and fur masking, color correction, high end glamour retouching, neck joint service, image shadow creation or raster to vector conversion service and they really deserve in order to fulfill our valuable client’s requirement. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days in a week and 365 days in a year.

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Why Our Service is Really Different From Others?

There are a lot of photo editing service provider company are available in the market but all of them are not really good at graphics work. We give our customers the best possible service in case of work. The main advantage that you will get here is no advance payment needs to be done. We will recheck your work and it will be high quality standard. Our unique photo editing skill will definitely amazed you at a very first glance. Here clients are treated in a good way so that they will never feel disturb or uneasy.

Jewelry Photo Editing Service

CPSI is providing high-quality Jewelry photo editing services for her clients. For any kind of ornament like a handbag, ear-ring, necklace, handbag, etc. are being retouched by us for thousands of clients. Our Jewelry photo editing service includes jewelry color correction service, unwanted object removal from the image and makes the images more beautiful than the previous time, jewelry shadow creation, and so many. As a whole, you can say that our jewelry photo editing service will cover all your needs regarding jewelry. We all know that jewelry photo editing service is naturally taking more time to complete the photo editing tasks. We have considered it a hard image and the price can start from $3 and will increase. Our expert graphics design team will look after your given project and we are sheer determined to complete your project within the given timeline.

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Furniture Photo Editing Service

Furniture Photo Editing is a relatively new term in this photo editing arena. Nowadays the eCommerce industry is growing at a faster speed and almost every type of goods is being displayed by the eCommerce platform. So people love to buy different types of furniture products like the chair, table, Almira, rack and so on in an online platform. Our CPSI team will provide you the top quality furniture photo editing service. Suppose if your furniture images have any dark spots while capturing the photo or somewhat if you need to enlarge your furniture images to display our experts’ graphic designers will solve that issue in a quick session. Our photo editing team will provide you, furniture photo retouching service, shadow creation for furniture and all kind of furniture Photo editing service. In the current market, you may have found a shortlist of a company that is providing these services.

Baby Photo Editing Service

The new born babies are always adorable and they look innocent. We always love them more than anything in this world. So it is very natural to stock some of their cute pictures for lifetime. Clipping Path Service India is providing baby photo retouching service for new born babies to 6 years of age. Our baby photo editing service includes newborn baby retouching, dark spot removals, baby hair masking service, baby dress neck joint service and so many. Stay with us and enjoy this beautiful photo editing service.

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Wedding Photo Editing Service

To get married could be the best event in a man’s life. The male and female partner both want to be happy in their conjugal life and they arranged the most of it. So wedding photography is special for any new couple. We are from CPSI offering wedding photo editing service. It includes wedding photo retouching service, unwanted object removal from the main image, background changing, adding some special glamour effect to your wedding photos and so many. So, do you need any high-quality wedding photo retouching service? Just visit our site and put  a free trial test.

Flower Photo Editing Service

It is considered as a relatively new concept in Photo Editing Arena. Photographers love to make experiments on different topics and they will highlight that towards the local audience. Capturing the flower can be described as nature photography. It takes some more time edit the picture than any other normal picture. The price range could be like as complex photo editing service and it might start from near around $3 and so on. A very few photo editing company is now offering this service and we are one of them. So if you need any nature orflower photo editing service contact with us.

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Apparel Photo Editing Service

At the present moment, apparel photo editing is really important for the garments business owners. We are from Clipping Path Service India providing world-class apparel photo editing service. Our apparel photo retouching service includes fixing wrinkles and scratches, adding some special effects according to our client requirements, removing unnecessary stains from the apparel, special neck joint services which will make images natural, enhancing the colors of your images, removing the background of your product images, and so many. We certainly believe that these are the major changes that we need from the images to make it more attractive to the clients than the previous times. Now, what you have to do? Just let us know how many images do you have for apparel photo editing? Place your order and wait we will complete all the image editing tasks within the given timeline.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service. 

Our real estate business is increasing at a rapid speed over the last few years. So, it is becoming a new industry that creates a lot of job and business opportunities. We are offering this new service which is called real estate photo editing. We can help you to edit, decorate and redecorate all your property images. Our real estate photo editing service includes home decoration service, additional front garden designing, internal home architecture, image color retouching service, furniture reshuffling service and so many. Our graphics designer can make an additional swimming pool in front of your home and they will reshuffle the exterior designing architecture. We believe our smart graphic designing team will help you to decorate your home in a modern way. Stay with us and enjoy modern real estate photo editing service which will make your real estate images more lively and accurate.

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Vehicle Photo Editing Service

Our vehicle photo editing service includes helicopter photo editing, bus photo editing, motor cycle photo editing, ship photo editing, 3-wheel vehicle photo editing and so many. The main advantage that you will get here is no advance payment needs to be done. We will recheck your work and it will be high quality standard.


Clipping Path Service India is the fastest growing Photoshop outsourcing company for Image editing & clipping path service with a commitment to quality and displays the results on time. 100% satisfaction quality with money back guarantee at competitive price assurance.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path service is most popular and well known technique to cut out to separate more subject from photo by Photoshop pen tools and replace new image background. As a best clipping path service provider company in Bangladesh we offer all kind of Multi clipping path, cut out image, background remove, background knockout , deep etching service by our expert designer to use pen tools insuring keep your product appropriateness . Get first 3 image for free trial

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Background Removal Service

CPSI provide best quality manual and hand draw background removal service for our customers. Regarding the complexities and procedures we work different way for every single image. we provide background removal service for all online business owner, online seller or photographers as a best clipping path company in Asia. Our service simple background removal, background color modification, border fixing, photo resizing, image compression/rotation and add watermarks.

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Image Masking Service

Some complete area on photo where clipping path service is not sufficient. At Clipping Path Service India we offer effective hair masking service with ideal technique that is outstanding, fashionable and trendy with excellent response and at an affordable price.We make use of tools like Adobe Photoshop to do complex masking layer/fur masking service with raising and flying hairs, etc. We provide advanced masking services with hairs, fine hair, lighting tourist, smoke, and others.

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Neck Joint Service

Neck joint/Ghost mannequin service is meant for fashion designers or eCommerce site owner. Online company based eCommerce business and fashion designers are increasing daily; it’s important to attract customers. Excellent portrait helps to promote sales, many companies neck joint service. Our team of experts maintains accuracy at each Neck joint. We also provide 3 Dimensional Shapes and Object removal, for online stores, affiliated marketplace, and e-commerce sites

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Photo Retouching Service

Our photo retouching and restoration service, at clipping path service India will make your photos vibrant, lively and beautiful. We provide photo retouching service of high quality at an affordable price. Photography industry is growing at an alarming rate. So if you’re in this business, the only way you can outshine your competitors by photo retouching and restoration your photos make it good. We offer these services to different people such as advertising agencies, graphic designers and others.

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Shadow Making Service

Drop Shadow and reflection is very effective and importance part for eCommerce business or vehicle business. Clipping path service India as a best company provide shadow creation service which look very natural and more attractive and promising with 100% accuracy. Anyone who interest to do reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow, mirror shadow or product shadow on their business then we ensure you to give our full dedication for satisfaction and money back guarantee.

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Car Photo Editing

Car Photo editing service help you to improve your vehicle’s the look and design. CPSI Provide car image editing with standard quality include remove imperfections, brighten the features, vehicles background replacement, vehicles shadow making and create a vivid vehicle perception that is more pleasing to your buyers. so before publishing your vehicles photo online or dealerships you can get a professional and clean look photo for increase sales in an easy manageable way.

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Color Correction Service

Clipping path service India is a pioneer in color correction service and make your image more colorful, more actual and well balanced. We have an outstanding history in color correction service include Color brightening, color enhancement, color matching/balancing, color create etc. At this company, we have experts that can use various methods such as Neon Effect, Fire Effect, watercolour, oil painting and so on. You can always rely on us for effective color correction service with quality guaranty.

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